Company Insight

Whether you are a seasoned trader, novice or corporate client, 1st Markets can tailor a trading program with which you can feel comfortable. We listen to your needs and your objectives. What do you want to achieve and over what period of time? How aggressive do you want to be? Are there any products you would like to avoid? Paying close attention to your expectations is what makes us successful in our sector.

1st Market was launched in the Cayman Islands back in 2004 to help investors trade option contracts. Since then, we’ve expanded to five locations (and counting) and become an industry leader.

We work with both private and institutional investors to offer an easier, quicker way to get to grips with options trading. Working with us gives investors instant access to experienced financial professionals, along with a user-friendly platform to monitor your trading activities.

We’ve established partnerships with technology specialists and experienced analysts to give our clients access to the best, most up-to-date information possible. Our team is constantly monitoring the markets and the latest developments to ensure we can make the most informed trading decisions and help our clients maximize their profits. Plus, all our staff remain in constant communication to avoid misunderstandings and missed opportunities.

After witnessing the frustrations of our customers, we also pioneered our own unique investing model. This method is known as “The 1st Markets Strategy” and it allows investors to identify the right investments, buy them, and make a profit in less than a day. Yes, you read that right.